Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lilo Maternity on Zulily until January 8

Zulily has 82 items by Lilo Maternity for sale from today until 9:00 AM EDT on Sunday, January 8. Lilo Maternity is a line of maternity clothing geared for the Orthodox Jewish woman. They have stores online and in Lakewood, Brooklyn, Monroe, and Yerushalayim. There are also stores in Baltimore and Monsey that carry the line.

Many of the shirts in the site are tznua without requiring layering. For everyone who doesn't mind layering, they also have a half-tanktop in white for $10.99 on the sale. The skirts on the sale are their shorter-length skirts and will not cover the knees of taller women while sitting. I believe the skirts are the equivalent of about a 24" length skirt non-pregnancy. Lilo Maternity sells tall versions of their knee length and long skirts on their websites and in their stores. The tall versions are probably the equivalent of a 27" or 28" skirt pre-pregnancy when looking for a skirt past the knee.

Zulily often has Lilo Maternity sales, and they have the best prices you will find on this line. If you know what your size is for Lilo and you like any of the items on the sale, I would recommend buying them through Zulily, unless you prefer to support your local Lilo store and keep your spending money within the Jewish community.

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