Sunday, July 15, 2012

Shout out to Destination Maternity at the Willow Grove Park Mall

It's not everyday I get a thank you note from a store. In fact, I have only previously received thank you notes from a few online stores, but never a store where I physically shopped. That changed this week when I received a thank you note from Jennifer, the Assistant Store Manager at the Destination Maternity store in the Willow Grove Park Mall in Willow Grove, PA.

I only spent $113 on seven shirts and two skirts without being in the store for more than 30 minutes. And all the items I bought were by Motherhood Maternity; I bought nothing in the A Pea in the Pod side of the store. But I got a hand-written thank you note.

If I hadn't spent over $1,000 on maternity clothes when I was pregnant with my son and over $460 so far this pregnancy, I would go shopping again right away at a Destination Maternity-owned store! (I already had spent over $200 between two other Destination Maternity stores within three days of my visit to the Willow Grove Park store.)

Here's a picture of the note I was sent.

If you're having reading the picture, the text reads:

I just wanted to thank you personally for coming in and shopping with me on the first! You were a delight and looked great in everything you tried on! I hope that you'll come back and shop with me again next time you're in the area!
Assistant Store Manager


  1. It's amazing how considerate stores become when the economy goes down the drain. The other day I was in a department store for a sale and they had a beverage counter, gorgeous men handing out french fries, candy displays, as well as a giveaway. Beforehand, their attitude was, "Be happy we let you in here."


  2. Allison, I'm so happy you enjoyed your trip and my note! I take exceptional customer service very seriously - regardless of economic situation! ;) -Jen

  3. My son also enjoys your note; he thinks it's a toy he should carry around! And if Destination Maternity ever wanted to have gorgeous men hanging around to tell us pregnant women we look amazing and are far more attractive than other women, I wouldn't complain!