Saturday, January 19, 2013

In Honor of Hockey Season

We're all big sports fans in my family. As soon as Shabbat was over, I turned on my computer to purchase Spring Training tickets for our team whose tickets went on sale this morning. Even our 2-year-old is sports obsessed.

In honor of the first night of hockey season and our 2-year-old's excitement for hockey on TV, today's post features the tznua clothing available from the National Hockey League's online shop. For those who don't know, the NHL had a lock-out for the second time in eight years because the owners and players couldn't agree on a new collective bargaining agreement. The owners and players finally came to an agreement about two weeks ago. Practices resumed soon afterward and the regular season began today. Instead of the usual 82-game regular season, hockey will have a 48-game season. And, games will be played in relatively quick succession for hockey. Because the games will be played on less rest, there will be no inter-conference games until the Stanley Cup Finals.

So, if you're a hockey fan, this is for you. While it would have been nice if the NHL ran a promotion on clothing as a nice gesture to their fans, they didn't. So, the items featured in this post have the inflated prices we've come to expect from sports teams. Some individual teams have or are running promotions at their retail stores and/or inside their stadiums. The Pittsburgh Penguins probably ran the best promotion by offering fans free food at their first four home games and 50% off team merchandise. Descriptions of promotions for a few other teams can be found on the NHL's site.

I will post pictures and links to the tznua Washington Capitals clothing because my husband's favorite team is the Capitals. If you want to see the clothing available for other teams, you can choose to shop by a different team on the NHL's site. Clothing styles generally are the same for every team, but the logos and colors may be different.

First, here's a cute 3/4-sleeve raglan tee that's $42.99. It should wash easily. Majestic Athletic clothing is generally true-to-size.

Majestic Threads Washington Capitals Ladies 3/4 Triblend Raglan T-Shirt -

Second, here's a more affordable long-sleeve shirt by Lee Sport that's $21.99. It's 100% cotton, so it should be comfortable. I would presume this shirt follows Lee's size chart.

Majestic Washington Capitals Women's Unbreakable Spirit Long Sleeve T-Shirt -

Third, here's a hooded tee by Old Time Hockey that's $44.99. The hood is great for those times you just want to momentarily go outside or run a quick errand without needing to take the time to do more than putting your hair in a ponytail to cover it. I cannot comment on how clothing from this company runs, but it's based in my home state, so it must be good.

Old Time Hockey Washington Capitals Women's Blasted Triblend Hooded Long Sleeve T-Shirt -

Finally, since hockey jerseys are long-sleeve, I'm including them here. Women's jerseys are $99.99 for a replica jersey with no name or number on the back, $124.99 for a ready-made replica jersey with a superstar's name and number on the back, or $149.99 for a customized replica jersey. Please note that you may need something underneath to cover a slither of collarbone depending on how the jersey fits you.

Reebok Washington Capitals Alex Ovechkin Women's Premier Home Jersey -

Let's hope this is an exciting hockey season and that it was worth all the wait! And may this not happen again when the new CBA expires. In other words, hockey, learn to work out your differences without resorting to lock-outs, strikes, and other forms of work stoppages! You'll sell more clothes if you do.  :)

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