Sunday, December 18, 2011

Serious Savings Alert at Lands' End!

Those of you who have seen me in the past few weeks have learned that I have totally become a huge fan of Lands' End. Their clothing is classic, doesn't go out of style, and can fit a wide range of sizes and body types. Plus, most of their clothing is machine washable (including their jackets) because spending $4 - $10 on a dry cleaning bill every time you wear makes any "bargain" really expensive really quickly.

I especially love their cardigans. Until tomorrow, you can get the cardigan in most colors for $9. Just use code "Holly" and Pin "1540" and you'll receive 40% off your Lands' End purchase, plus free shipping when you spend $50. These sweaters are down to $15 (an amazing buy, given that I started buying them at $25 and thought I was getting a bargain), and applying a 40% discount brings them down to $9. This sweater is available in regular, petite, and plus sizes. Please note that the plus sizes cost $12, instead of $9, but that's still cheaper than most casual cotton long-sleeve shirts. Here is a picture of the cardigan in the color "Pink Begonia."

Another item worth noting is the Drapey Ponté Flare Skirt, available in regular, petite, and plus sizes. It is on sale for $15 for regular and petite, and $18 for plus. I haven't tried this item yet, but I ordered it in three different colors. Here's hoping it's as great when I get it as it is in the picture!

Finally, I also highly recommend the 3/4-Sleeve 1x1 Rib Boatneck Top, available in regular, petite, and plus sizes. This shirt is on sale for the unbeatable price of $6 for regular and petite sizes, and $9 for plus sizes. I bought it in every color in my size. While it is wider than the collarbone, reviewers have stated that the top can be sewn to cover bra straps at the least, and I think it could cover to the collar bone as well. I already own three of these shirts, and while I haven't worn them out yet, I have tried them on and I can honestly say they're great. The white isn't too see through, either.

Better yet, Lands' End provides a lifetime guarantee on all their items. If you ever have an issue it, no matter how many times you've already worn it or washed it, just send it back to them or bring it to a Sears store with a Lands' End department and they'll replace it free of charge. You cannot get a better return policy than that.

And, if you want to save even more money, Lands' End is offering 6% back in college savings if you place your order after clicking to their site through Upromise. You can get similar offers for Lands' End on the shopping rewards programs for many airlines and Amtrak. In fact, I recommend most of your online purchases by clicking through these sites because you can save extra money or earn free travel when you shop almost anywhere online. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn't participate in any of these sites, but almost every other store does.


  1. and go through ebates to get 6% cash back.

  2. Thanks for pointing out ebates! After Google cash back ended, I just reverted back to Upromise because it links to my student loan account. I probably should have found another cash back site instead!

  3. It was Bing Cash Back that was cancelled. Not Google Cash Back. I don't think Google ever offered a cash back program.