Sunday, December 18, 2011

Tznua Swimsuit

I often get asked how I can go swimming when I cannot wear the swimsuits and bikinis that can be found in department stores. My answer: the $44 Water Magic dress by Junee!

Black Water Magic By Junee

I bought this several years ago in navy with light blue trim and I have used it a number of times at the beach. (It appears to only be available in black now.) It's very easy to swim in, but it's a little heavy getting out of the water. It also requires undergarments. A bikini or a one-piece bathing suit is a must with this swim dress because it is just a dress made out of swimsuit material. I also wear rowing capris on my legs in case the skirt goes up in the water. The capris I have to match come from the North Face, but the closest I can find online right now are these Water Capris from RailRiders.


  1. I love my AquaModesta swimsuit. It comes with a swim bra (size ordered separately), a long 3/4 length swimshirt, and a skirt with Chris sewn into it. Very comfortable and not heavy when coming out of the water. Dries on you almost instantly when out of the water.

  2. Aqua Modesta doesn't make the cut for the blog because their skirts are too short. I estimate them at 24" - 25" and they don't cover my knees when I'm standing, let alone sitting.