Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tznua Bridesmaid Fashion

Chanukah sameach to all and happy 6th anniversary to my husband and me! When we got married six years ago, it was very difficult to go to a bridal store and find any dress that was tznua without some serious alterations. So my wonderful bridesmaids all loved Watters Style 9423 2-piece bridesmaid dress. If you have three months to wait for delivery, it comes in a wide range of colors and any skirt length can be ordered.  If you don't have three months to wait, this dress is also available for "quick delivery" in five colors, including "meadow," shown in the picture below. I don't know how quickly "quick delivery" ships, but I'm sure it's faster than three months.

This dress can be further customized. My maid-of-honor ordered it with extra material in order to make a scarf for covering her hair. She used the extra material and a narrow, silver, crocheted scarf to create a gorgeous head covering. The dress is technically a v-neck, but the lapels easily fold to make it tznua, as my maid of honor also did. And the skirt is actually a-line. You'd need to alter it to make it mermaid as shown in the picture. Since the dress is two pieces, the top can be worn with a different skirt and the skirt can be worn with a different top so it doesn't look "bridesmaidy" after one's a bridesmaid.

This dress is also available in white, so it could even be worn as a bridal dress. And, since the dress is two pieces, the top could be reworn with other skirts to other functions!

This dress probably currently retails for about $300. My bridesmaids paid $260 minus 10% six years ago.

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  1. Beautiful dress! David's bridal also sells 3/4 length sleeve boleros that can be worn over dresses. That's what I did for a friend's wedding I was in. The dress was strapless so it still had a bit of a low neckline. to fix the problem i had straps put in for $10 and then bought a piece of sheer fabric that was very close to the same color as the dress. I double over the fabric so it was no longer see through and literally pinned it with two safety pins to the straps of the dress under the jacket. Everyone was amazed at how good the dress could look and no one even realized that my little cloth insert wasn't part of the dress. It was a great, cheap fix. The only potential problem with David's Bridal is the fact that stuff does need to be ordered several months in advance. They do have some stock on the floor and online that takes less time to get to you.