Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tznua Bridal Fashion

In honor of our sixth secular anniversary today, today's posting is about tznua wedding dresses.

I know of two manufacturers that will regularly make tznua wedding dresses that look like the dress was designed to be tznua -- because the dress was designed to be tznua. They are Casablanca Bridal and Jasmine Bridal.

Casablanca Bridal is the manufacturer that is closest to my heart. My wedding dress was made by Casablanca. I loved my dress, and its retail price, at about $1,000, was reasonable by wedding dress standards. The back of my dress is below.

The positives with Casablanca Bridal are:
   (1) They ship tznua dresses as samples to many of their vendors. I was able to try on three tznua Casablanca dresses in the Baltimore area when I was getting married.
   (2) They never discontinue a style and can manufacture any style to your specifications, including neckline height and sleeve length. If given enough measurements, they can also make a dress that, in theory, you won't have to alter after it arrives.
   (3) They offer rush shipping, for a fee.

The negative with Casablanca Bridal is that you won't know exactly what your dress will look like until it arrives unless you can find it as a tznua sample in a store. They do not provide sketches.

Jasmine Bridal gowns run closer to $2,000. I never found a tznua Jasmine Bridal gown when I was dress shopping, so I do not know how many tznua samples they make. They do offer sketches of what the tznua version of gowns will look like on their website, which is a great feature. And, they offer rush shipping options. I know of at least one bride who ordered a tznua Jasmine Bridal gown and she was very happy with her dress.

The best part of ordering a wedding gown through either of these manufacturers is that your gown will not look thrown together in anyway. Your dress's designs will continue to the neckline and onto the sleeves. There will be no "strapless dress line" across your chest. The dresses will truly be designed to wear tznua.

Chanukah sameach again to all!

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